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Core Capitol Inc. was founded in 1999 by Gerald Fisette in Edinburgh, Indiana. For more than 12 years, we have been a preferred buyer of auto salvage parts and non-ferrous products.  Our business is built on a history of dedication, hard work, long standing customer relationships and loyalty. We remain focused on performance improvements and developing technologies for our loyal customers across the United States.  We are the largest auto salvage buyer in the Tri State area.  We currently have 15 trucks that travel all over the Continental United States to meet customer needs.

Core Capitol is a premium buyer of transmissions, motors, catalytic converters, and scrap electrical. We buy used automobile parts and recirculate the material back into the environment.

We at Core Capitol deal with a variety of core buyers in the field who need to make money for their used auto parts.  Whether you are looking to sell good core parts or scrap materials, Core Capitol is one of the leading buyers in the region.

Rebuilders and recyclers are welcome to contact us with pricing on all good and used automobile salvage.  Core Capitol represents a large assortment of good and scrap core parts that will appeal to any rebuilder or recycler.

To view our prices, click on the contact us tab in the top right hand corner. Once on the contact us page, you will see prices 3, prices 2, and prices tabs show in the top right hand corner as well. 

                                                        We have an unlimited line of transmission.
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